To New Heights Creative Triathlon

Participate in our Together Place Creative Triathlon! Or support another triathlete sponsoring their effort. This is NOT your typical triathlon. You needn’t be an athlete. Only one of our three events is physical. The other two are creative and educational, but fun!!

Three easy activities can make a huge difference for others!

Or don’t want to do it yourself?
Sponsor Someone else in their triathlon. Check out our list of triathletes HERE


Maybe you have a family or friend living with bipolar disorder, depression, PTSD, or one of any number of other challenges, and their efforts inspire you.
Maybe you or someone you care about has struggled with opiates, alcohol, or other substances. Sadly many of us remember friends and family who have died or lost jobs from this.
Maybe you have experienced mental health challenges that you want to share. Telling your story can help someone else.
Maybe you lost a family member or friend to suicide. Perhaps carry their photo to a peak (or hill!) you choose, then post a photo of yourself holding their photo at the peak.


Once you’ve registered, friends pledge to your Creative Triathlon on our page. Or maybe strangers who like your story pledge to your Creative Triathlon when they read about it on MMHC’s page. We will notify you when your post is published giving you the address to share.

Want to help without hiking? Fine!! ☺ “Shop” through our list of “triathletes”, each person has a unique story. Pledge to a triathlete whose story appeals to you. Some triathletes will be mental health consumers. Other triathletes are not mental health consumers but are participating in honor of a friend or family member, or simply because they support the cause and like to hike.

Go to new heights! There is a peak that’s right for you!

 Maybe a small hill is perfect for your fundraising hike (elevation gain, say, 200 feet?)
 Maybe an Acadia National Park hike
 Maybe K2 or Kilimanjaro ☺
 Maybe Helon Taylor Trail on Katahdin (elevation gain: 3413 feet)
 Maybe Mount Mansfield in Vermont
 Maybe Mount Robert in New Zealand
 Got children? Bring them if you like. They can even get pledges themselves before they hike.
 A small hill, a giant mountain, whatever goal works for you, so you can tell your story or that of a friend or family member and raise money for a good cause at the same time.
 Maybe you want to hike in a group with each person seeking separate pledges. Or maybe you prefer to hike with one or two friends and seek a larger group to participate via pledging.
 Maybe there is some humorous, even zany, clothing or item you can wear up the mountain, on your own, or part of a group, that somehow captures the message you want to convey.

So long as you find a verifiable elevation-gain hike (no drive-able peaks, sorry) our To New Heights rules are flexible. The evidence gets stronger every day that regardless of where you start when it comes to mental health and recovery, physical activity helps:

So, Get Active! Go To New Heights with our Triathletes and help others in the process.

Encourage others by posting about your Success:

It will feel good to complete that hike. Post a photo of yourself at the peak, perhaps next to a sign marking the peak at the top of your climb is ideal – then post your photo to our page – and watch your pledges roll in. By going To New Heights, you’ve helped a great cause and told a story that can help others.

In addition to a photo, maybe, while atop your mountain, shoot a video (two minutes or less) about your family member or friend. MMHC will post your peak-bagging video and/or photo on our page next to your initial pledging photo.

Contributions go to a Noble Cause:
Maine Mental Health Connections believes it is a civil right that mental health consumers be empowered to make their own decisions about their lives.

MMHC administers Together Place Peer Run Recovery Center in Bangor, a consumer-run recovery center offering a wide range of recovery groups and activities as well as being the only place in all Eastern Maine that accepts EBT (food stamps) for hot food at our low-cost snack bar.

MMHC administers Community Connections, a statewide program that offers free recreational tickets (e.g. concert tickets, bus tickets, theater tickets) for qualified mental health consumers from Kittery to Ft. Kent.

MMHC administers low-income housing for mental health consumers in Bangor. It is the only mental health consumer governed housing in Maine and possibly in the United States.

MMHC administers a jobs program in which mental health consumer employees clean office buildings in the Bangor area.

MMHC runs a food pantry on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays and a soup kitchen on Mondays and Fridays.

MMHC speaks out for the civil rights of mental health consumers.

MMHC is a 501c3 non-profit and accepts charitable donations to serve the mental health consumer community with the goal of autonomy and empowerment for mental health consumers.